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Fix Your Supply Chain Compliance Nightmare

Provides Instant Visibility into Third Party and Supply Chain Compliance Risk

Which requirements are you following, and which requirements are your vendors following?

With the Common Controls Hub Attestation Portal, you have centralized, real-time distribution and reporting of regulatory compliance adherence across multiple industries enabling you to easily:

Control liability and gain visibility into your third-party/supply chain members’ compliance attestation

Radically improve communications between you and your vendors

Pull all third-party data into a single, reporting structure

Find the Authority Documents you need to comply with, compare them with the regulations your vendors are following, share them with your team, distribute them to people outside of your organization and track their responses

1. Distribute the requirements to your vendors.

2. Compare what they are following with what you are following.

3. Track both your own and their attestation of compliance with those requirements.

4. Allow some organizations to self-assess, and ensure others certify their attestations.