Researching Unified Compliance

The Research tool allows you to search and view the relationships between the UCF’s Common Controls, Authority Documents, Citations, Dictionary Terms, and Assets.

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What can you use Research for?

Research was created out of our Mappers’ and Common Controls Hub users’ need to be able to comprehensively view the language being used in Common Controls, how Common Controls are tagged, what Citations map to the Common Controls, and how the Citations map to Common Controls. What this means is that you can start your search from any of these tables and then move between each of the tables using the search results.

Research is an evolving tool that will eventually include all of the UCF’s elements.


Start anywhere – link to anywhere

Think of it this way, if you want to find out which regulations call for protecting personally identifiable information you can start searching the dictionary to find the term.

Once you have found the term, you can then instantly hop to all of the Citations, Common Controls, or Authority Documents that have used that term.

Or, you can search for that term plus any other terms you want in either Citations or Common Controls, such as adding protect as an additional search term, in order to limit which Citations or Common Controls call for the protection of personally identifiable information.


Bouncing through the whole UCF

Research is an evolving tool that will eventually include all of the Unified Compliance Framework’s elements. We are listening to your requests for what you want in a research tool and building out what you need for your organization.